Fashion Hyeres



The 24th Arts and Fashion International Festival of Hyeres will take place this year (and not Hyeres!) from 24th to April, 26th.

What is the programme?
Exhibitions and meetings with new talents such as designers and photographs are planned at the villa Noailles but also free access to catwalks during the Festival on the Ayguade beach.



Kris Van Assche, art director of Dior for men is the President of the jury.

Fashion Festival in Hyeres is a good market for men’s collection. Kris Van Assche should be interested by the ten new designer presented to this year. Talented designer such as Viktor&Rolf, Xavier Delcour, Gaspard Yurkievich, Alexandre Matthieu, have been discovered thanks to the Festival.

This is not only a matter of fabric because photographs will also be present. In that field the Festival should be honored to welcome the famous photographer, Steven Meisel.




The city of Hyeres is also well known for flowers and perfume. The horticulturist of Hyères and the perfumer maker should team together and participate to the Festival or create their own Festival!

Fashions in Hyeres… this is the place where to find your trendy bride dress, meet you there!





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  5. Excellent blog post. When it was my wedding we had a really nice reception. It had a magician who would walk around and amuse the guests. It was great to be a part of that wedding in particular. Apologies for ranting on about my wedding stories, but this post just brought back good memories.

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