Flowers for weddings : what do they mean ?

Flowers for weddings are a relevant issue. Weddings on the French Riviera will give you a few tips about flowers for weddings. First you have to choose colors and colors have symbolic meanings;  but with flowers for weddings, there is an additonnal significance depending on flowers.  

For instance, if you choose pink roses for your wedding bouquet, it means continuous love. If you prefer sunflowers, your wedding bouquet would mean loyalty. Flowers for weddings are really different. Lavender is used to express tenderness. Ivy represents love for eternity.  

Weddings on the French Riviera regret that purple lilacs aren’t often used : they illustrate strong love. What about lilly flowers ? They stand for pureness. Your wedding bouquet can be really amazing with pink tulip and peony. These flowers for weddings symbolise sincere love. To finish with, white roses are equal to perfect love.  

Weddings on the French Riviera advice you to avoid hydrangea for your wedding bouquet. They mean vagary. Dog roses stand for faddish happiness and red buttercup are linked with reproach. 

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