Gifts for guests

When my clients speak about their ideal wedding on the French Riviera, they often want to make it unforgettable…for them but also for their guests. According to me, as a wedding planner on the French Riviera, it’s important to take into account guests’ expectations and to spoil them. Hence, gifts for guests are significant.

In France, we are used to offer sugared almonds with different colors to guests at a wedding. Little by little, gifts for guests are changing. If you plan to get married on the French Riviera, I can suggest to you some gifts for guests.

For instance, if your wedding on the French Riviera is closed to Grasse, you should offer some small bottles of perfume to your guests. For a wedding on the French Riviera at Nice, I recommend small bottle of olive oil !

With one of my clients, we decides to offer a picture of the bride and the groom for their wedding on the French Riviera. But if you really want to suprise your guest, I know perfect gifts for guests !

Indeed, if you wish to surprise your guests during your wedding on the French Riveria, my best idea (until now !) is to offer them a ticket for a one hour cruise on the sea the day after the wedding. You and your guests can travel by boat from Cannes to Saint Tropez and have lunch on the beach ! I quite sure that your guests will remember this stunning and amazing gift for your wedding on the French Riviera.

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