Halloween wedding decoration !!

Yes, you can do it and that can be both funny and elegant ! Here are some ideas to prove you that a Halloween wedding decoration can be done for your wedding ! If you wish to get married on late October or very beginning of November, Halloween wedding decoration can just be perfect ! Of course you and your guests should have a good sens of humour but I am sure they will never forget such a wedding !

The main colours for your Halloween wedding decoration must be orange, black and white. As you can see with these pictures, that kid of decoration can be very stylish. You can add a baroque touch like the famous Beetlejuice !

Think also about the pumpinks and the candles. The use of them for your Halloween wedding decoration can be perfect and give a romantic and original atmosphere ! You can use very small ones or oranges for the place cards !!

Last but not least, I recommend a very funny cake for your Halloween wedding decoration. It can be very trendy with cupcakes for instance !!

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