Have goldfish bowls as centerpieces for your wedding!

Tired of having that bowl of flowers as traditional wedding centerpiece? Why not fill it with a live goldfish? Just fill simple glass with bowls with decoration, some water, and an exotic fish! If you’ve got kids at the table, the goldfish is sure to be a big hit. It’s unique, cheap, and keeps both kids and adults entertained.

An aquarium as a table centerpiece for your reception can create a romantic atmosphere or become a mesmerizing focal point to each table setting.

If you want something tropical, why not fill big fishbowls with colored sand that match your colors and place a few small shells on the sand. You can also have a more classical wedding décor, with a single black goldfish swimming in each vase and a white water lily floating in the water…Perfect for a black and white, romantic wedding!

More than just a great idea for centerpieces, goldfish make excellent wedding favors your guests can enjoy longer than food or flowers. Once the wedding is over, give the goldfish wedding centerpieces to your friends and family as a gift!

However you decide to decorate your wedding, using goldfish bowls for your centerpieces will definitely add that extra something to make your event truly special.

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