Have your own green wedding!

Weddings can be wasteful, which may clash with your earth-conscious style. If you’re an environmentally conscious couple, you can still plan the wedding of your dreams and do well by the environment: Have a green wedding and make this day both a joyous event and environmentally friendly.

First of all consider an outdoor green wedding at a natural spot to add to the beauty of your celebration and to remind yourself why you make environmentally responsible choices every day.

Pull the « green » theme into your centerpieces and use baby bushes for the table decorations that can later by planted by your guests. Consider using a catering company that uses only local sources for their ingredients and use organic textiles for napkins and tablecloths.

Finally, if you’re having a summer wedding, why not wear a beautiful organic cotton summer dress?

A green wedding is a great way to express your earth-friendly values as well as your love.

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