How to do a green wedding?

When you celebrate a wedding on the French Riviera, you’re closed to nature thanks to the varierty of amazing landscapes in this area. So why don’t you celebrate a wedding on the French Riviera with a green commitment ?  

Making an earthfriendly wedding party is not a big deal! Here are some ideas to celebrate a green wedding. First, why don’t you use a recycled paper to make your wedding announcements ?  On the whole, we waste so much paper that there is no need to add more with your wedding reception. The best way to be eco-friendly is to send your wedding announcements by email. You shall create a website with all the details about your wedding party (hotels, celebration, transport…)  

Secondly, when you’re looking for the ideal place for your wedding, try to choose venues where church is closed to the restaurant for example. It prevents your guests from driving to one place to another one. Many venues on the French Riviera enable you to make a huge party on the same place.

Thirdly, food is a crucial point in a wedding party. Your hardest mission will be to find a restaurant or a caterer with a eco-label. If you succeed in, your guests will enjoy great food and wines with no pesticide. It’s a good manner to take care of your guests at your wedding party, isn’t it?    

Last but not least, you shall select your providers depending on their distance to the wedding venue. Indeed the further they are, the most polluting they are. Eventually, if you travel to French Riviera for your wedding, you can ask Action Carbone to compensate for CO2 emissions.


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