How to present the names of your guests : some advices from your French wedding planner !

Just before the diner, your guests expect to discover the table where they will sit for the dinner. As a French wedding planner, for every wedding this is a big question I have to deal with. Each bridal couple want to find a beautiful and original way to present the tables and the names of your guests.
First of all it depends on the number of guests. You are not going to do the same decoration for a 300 guests wedding compared to a wedding with 50 persons. Secondly, it has to be linked with the names of the table and the venue. Here are some examples, I liked.

This year I discover thanks to an American bride another way to present the names. As you can see, a good French wedding planner, also learns from her customers ! The wedding has a Provence touch because it was located in the Luberon in an amazing venue. The ceremony took place among wonderful gardens. During the cocktail, the guests had an unbelievable view on the vineyard of the venue. Then the dinner was located in a romantic courtyard with beautiful trees. The bridal couple chose French cities names from the south France. Given the fact that all the guests came from USA, Ireland and England, they really appreciated the idea. So, the bride put in small envelopes a tiny picture of one of the city. On the envelopes, she wrote the name of each guest. Then I suggested her a perfect place to fix all the small envelopes. When guests opened them, they find the pictures and look at the same ont the tables. Eventually they kept the pictures at the end of the wedding. 

Last year, your favorite French wedding planner (lol) suggested to a French bridal couple this decoration. They get married in France but they both lived in London. So we decided that the names of the tables will be the names of places they liked in London. We took funny pictures (because they are funny !) of them in front of the places. Then at the wedding, we put the pictures in very big wooden frames with the names of the guests below. The same picture was on the table and every guest had all the pictures in one as a present at their seat.

Last but not least, if you have a wondeful tree in your wedding venue, why don’t hang up some little coloured frames. It’s definitvely romantic and if it’s windy, your guests will enjoy !

Obviously, if you have other ideas, do not hesitate to describe them to your French wedding planner

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