I like winter weddings in France !

What such a period of time to get married ! Winter is a perfect time to organise a very original and unforgettable wedding. I really like winter weddings in France. Indeed, we are very lucky in France because we have many mountains ! The most famous are the Alps, but there are also « les Pyrenées, les Vosges, le Jura … » The moutains create a specific and natural decoration for your wedding.


More over, winter weddings in France is a very good opportunity to create a magnificient atmosphere. Of course, I suggest a lot of white for your decoration but I also think it’s necessary to choose different materials like wool and leather. The additional and complementary color can be blue.

Or I would recomend silver or gold. Winter weddings in France and especially in the middle of the French moutains are enchanting, like in a fairy tail.   You can find a beautiful wooden chalet to welcome your wedding and beautiful hotels for your guests

If you need information about winter weddings in France, do not hesitate to contact us.

симптомы при заболевании щитовидной железы

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  1. Hi,

    Me and my partner have been doing some looking around and are now looking into the possibility of a winter wedding up in the alps. I have seen some pictures on your site that look really nice. Can you please let me know more about this location?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Sam

      I know many places where we can organise your weddings in the alps
      Could you give me the number of guests, the period of time and a budget ?
      Best regards


  2. Hi there,

    Could you please provide me an estimate for a wedding package (fall/winter 2012, snow) based on the following requirements:

    1. 110 persons
    2. Room rates for wedding party
    3. Optional extras (cost breakdown)

    Preferably at the Alps.

    Thank you


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