Ideas for your wedding decoration : the bar

Here are some ideas I found on the web (you can see more on my pinterest – name Claire Jollain) for your wedding decoration, especially for the bar. Indeed, the bar for drinks, candies or dessert can be very well decorated and you can be creative as much as you want ! It really depends on the global wedding decoration of course.

If your wedding is vintage, the decoration of your bar can be made with jars. You can use them as glasses : the guests will serve themselves with a big dipper for instance or the beverages can be ready to drink with straws. You can also create a kind of take away candy bar !

In the same spirit, you can made paper cones and fufill them with candies or fries or anything else : guests will take them and leave the bar just after. If your wedding decoration is rock’n roll, the bathtub can be used as a bar !!

If you prefer less crazy ideas about wedding decoration, you can also use dispensers for fruits in your bar : your guests will serve themselves.

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