Inspirations for a vineyard wedding decoration

Most of my clients organise their weddings in a vineyard, so today I would like to give you some ideas about a vineyard wedding decoration. Indeed, if you are looking for inspiration, why don’t use the venue itself as a theme for your wedding. As you can see on these pictures, there are many possibilities to customize objects for your wedding.

First of all, the bottles of wine can be used to create your vineyard wedding decoration. You can use them for the centerpieces, add some labels with numbers or names of the bride and the groom for instance. Bottles of wine can be also changed into vases.

Secondly, the corks of the bottles can be also used as a element of decoration. Very often, they are arranged for the table’s names. But you can be creative for your vineyard wedding decoration and imagine many other possibilities.

Last but not least, use the environment for your vineyard wedding decoration. Barrels can be also good stands for any decoration.

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  1. Whether you are recreating an autumn vineyard indoors for your wedding or decorating a vineyard for a fall wedding, the color scheme should complement your wedding atmosphere. Because the deep greens and purples of grapes in vineyards go well with fall foliage, you can focus on enhancing the natural colors for an eye-catching decor. Vineyards can bring to mind romance, class and love, which suit a wedding.

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