Inspirations from Mad Men for a wedding decoration

All over the world, everybody is speaking about Mad Men, the TV serie. Everybody feels inspired by the 50’s decor, even the fashion industry …so why don’t you imagine a Mad Men decoration for your wedding.

Mad Men wedding decoration is all about sophistication, warm colors (but not too flashy) and many small details. For the wedding dress and the wedding bouquet, you’ll find easily inspiration on the web. Do not hesitate to look again and again Mad Men serie to be inspired by the spirit of the TV show. The most important is the design of your wedding but above all the photographer.

Indeed, he or she has to truly understand your Mad Men wedding decoration since the very beginning. In any case, I am sure you’ll easily find a very enthusiastic photographer for your wedding theme ! More over, your guests will be very surprised and charm by your Mad Men wedding decoration.

So even if you’re not a big fan of the serie, Mad men can inspired you for your wedding decoration.

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