Lily of the valley wedding decoration

May is approaching and in France, the « Muguet » is the emblematic flower of this month. Muguet in French is Lily of the valley. That’s why today, I am suggesting you a wedding decoration with some lily of the valley. As you can see below, lily of the valley is very much appreciated by very famous brides : Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Hurley and more recently Kate Middleton have chosen lily of the valley for their bridal bouquet. Apparently lily of the valley is a timeless flower for wedding decoration !

If you want to use lily of the valley for your wedding decoration, you have to take into account the price of this beautiful but very delicate flower. That’s why most of the time, florists use lily of the valley only for bridal couple. You can use the flower for centerpiece but this is better to mix lily of valley with other flowers or to use small vases !

Anyway, lily of the valley for a wedding decoration is just a great idea if you’re looking for a romantic and simple wedding decoration !

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