Longest wedding dress for a big happiness’s time

Which proverb said that more your dress is long more your happiness lasts ?

There is a new trend coming from asian countries : the longest wedding dress. The principle is simple, the train of the wedding dress would have never been so long…


Some women take a particular care in choosing their wedding dress : colorful, original, strange, etc… And a bit of them choosed the length of the train.

Longest wedding dress should bring you the record of your life…
Of course, who says longest wedding dress, says many people to carry it !

Some longest wedding dresses can measure several miles !
Thus, the world record belongs to a Chinese young married woman with her longest wedding dress of more than 2 km (1,2 miles).

It’s not a joke, just a different way to celebrate your wedding and maybe impress each guest.

So, if you find a church or a town hall which could welcome longest wedding dresses, maybe you should test this funny concept.

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