Luxury wedding in French Provence

This venue is splendid and represents very well the French Provence ! Indeed, if you’re looking for a luxury wedding in French Provence, I really advised you to look at this place. The spirit of this property is to mix noble materials, discreet and unostentatious service. The atmosphere is peacefull, the buildings are charming and the landscape is breathless.

We’re very pleased to organise this summer a luxury wedding in French Provence there. The bridal couple had privatized the hotel for their guests and to enjoy the venue at a maximum. Besides, some of the guests would be able to stay longer and to relax at the swimming pool or at the spa. They can also do some sport with the tennis court. This is ideal especially if your guests come from very far away and want to discover the French Provence.

The reception room is 150m², so you can organise a wedding for 100 -120 guests. There is a private terrace and a access to the garden. The rental price for the reception room is not very expensive and the menu are also reasonable. When we said that this is going to be a luxury wedding in French Provence, it’s to enhance the elegance and the charm of the place.

The food is also amazing and I am sure that your guests will appreciate this French taste ! Of course, if you rent the whole hotel, it’s easier to organise a wedding, especially if you wish to do a brunch on the day after !       

I think that people can fall in love with places and this venue is one of this « love at the first sight ». So, if the pictures you just saw attract you, do not hesitate to ask us more information about organising a luxury wedding in French Provence !  

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  1. Hi,
    My fiancé and I would love to get married in France august 2012, and this place looks lovely. We expect to be around 100 guests. How many people can the place accommodate? and how much will a wedding approx. cost?

    regards Ingrid

    1. Good morning

      The price for a wedding diner starts at 110€ per person
      But you must rent some of the bedrooms which are closed to the reception area
      The prices of the bedrooms are between 400 and 680€

      Many thanks for your message on my blog


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