Modern and baroque wedding decoration

Pink and black are perfect colors for a modern and baroque wedding decoration. As you can see with the following pics, the result is really gorgeous. You can select a light rose or a deep one. The most important is to select the accessories with a baroque spirit !

The lines, the shapes and the colors are essential for this wedding decoration. Do not hesitate to ask your pastry chef to draw curves on the wedding cake for instance ! I really like the black frame with all the rose petals instead of the mirror. This is really perfect for a modern and baroque wedding decoration ! The petals and flowers must be displayed in great measure !

If you’re looking for a subtle decoration, I suggest to keep on black and to use transparency and pastel rose. For instance, this very modern table is really amazing. You don’t need any napkins and the centerpiece can be very discreet. That’s another way to consider a modern and baroque wedding decoration

On the reverse I am not sure that the total look for the bridemaids is the best idea ever. Modern and baroque wedding decoration is a very strong conception. I think it’s better to keep it on the decoration only …but this is only my point of view !!!

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