Mood board : a Bohemian wedding decoration

If you like a lot the vintage spirit for wedding decoration but you’re looking for something a little bit less sophisticated, I advise you to look at this mood board and discover some pictures of a Bohemian wedding decoration ! Indeed, as you can see, a bohemian wedding decoration gives you the opportunity to create a customised atmophere with a touch of poetry. It’s less stylish than a vintage wedding.

For instance, you can display staw boles instad of chairs for the ceremony. You add some nice and colored fabric on the top of them, and the result is just orginial and charming. As you can see on this mood board, you can create a bohemian wedding decoration without spending a lot of money !

For your bohemian wedding decoration, you can also add a lot of flowers. You don’t need to put big vases, but a lot of very small vases with some flowers. Use fabric of different colors and add old books as you can see on this wedding mood board. If you need more inspiration regarding Bohemiam wedding decoration, you can have alook on my pinterest (claire jollain) : you’ll find all the links of this mood board and additional pictures.

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