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Most of my bridal couples, who dream of getting married in French provence, are looking for ideas to create a wedding decoration with lavender. So, today, I realise a mood board about lavender wedding decoration just for them ! I hope you’ll enjoy it. All the links are on my pinterest (claire jollain).

If you wish to do a wedding decoration with lavender, please notice that you must do it before the end of July. After that, the lavender fields are cut. The lavender is too dry to be used in bouquets. In any case, the best thing is to mix lavender with other flowers in a bridal bouquet and to use small blade of lavender. As you can see on these pictures, you have many possibilities to use lavender for your wedding decoration. Be inspired by this mood board !

Indeed, lavender can be used in a every single detail of your wedding decoration : for the wedding ceremony, for the presents to the guests, on the table decoration …. Generally, when you use lavender, the wedding decoration style is closed to the vintage one, especially if you diplay some small pots for the flowers ! However, as you can see on this mood board, using lavender can be very elegant in a wedding decoration !

I recommend a lavender wedding decoration to all the very detail-oriented brides.  Feel free to ask us questions about this mood board !

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