Non floral wedding centerpiece

If you’re fed up with flowers or if you are looking for something cheaper or even different for your wedding centerpiece, here are some ideas ! First of all, you can replace the floral decoration by a flower wedding cake. Your guests can taste it at the end of the diner ! That can be very eco-friendly indeed !

The second and most well known pratice is to use candles everywhere and especially for your wedding centerpiece. That is an economical and pretty idea. Anyway, be careful with kids ! I like also the idea of paper floral decoration. It gives a very modern approach to the wedding !

Another very good idea is to use a small lamp as a wedding centerpiece. You can also use these lamps with candles or add small flowers on the tables. In any case, even if there is no flower, a wedding centerpiece can be very chic !

Let us know if you have other ideas for non floral wedding centerpiece !

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