Original place cards for wedding decoration

If you’re looking for good ideas regarding your wedding decoration, I selected for you some original place cards for your guests. As you can see, you can create a specific wedding decoration with them, according to your theme. As you know, all the single details are important for your wedding decoration and original place cards are among them !

So, in order to list originally your guests’ names, here are some ideas. The first one is to use accessories such as little bottle of perfume, or very small vases. I really like the pictures of the guests. If you can manage to take them during the aperitive (not you, but your wedding planner for instance), that can be even funnier ! I also appreciate the compass for a vintage style. In brief, original place cards are numerous !

For your wedding decoration, you can also consider fruits as original place cards. You can write the names of the guests directly on the fruits themselves (not the easier of course but you should ask your wedding planner too !) or you can add the guests’ names on them !

Last but not least, I think you’ll adore for your wedding decoration these original place cards. They are made with paper and can represent butterfly or bird …it’s very romantic !

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