Our selection of red wedding decors

You feel like a passionate, intense wedding? Which colour would be more suitable than red, the love colour? That hangs well, here are some pictures of beautiful red wedding decors!

In the Asian countries, red has been the favourite colour for wedding since centuries, and besides it’s the traditional wedding dress colour of many oriental brides. In China, for example, it’s the colour of luck, and a red wedding is supposed to be a fortunate wedding! And in India, it’s the traditional colour for weddings, the colour of love.
Some tips for your red wedding decors:

In our western countries, white has no longer a corner on the wedding dress and more and more brides choose to marry in red. So why don’t you dare?


For a wonderful impression, you can combine red with other colours:


Or green, the complementary colour of red



Some hints of red in a decoration bring warmth to your decoration. You can for example arrange some red pebbles or flowers on the table.


You can find a lot of red accessories in the stores to add a personal touch to your red wedding decors. There’s a lot of possibilities, rely on your imagination!

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  1. Does writing these blogs make you any money? It seems like it would take a long time to write these. I hope all the hard work pays off for you.

  2. Dear Michelle

    We don’t earn money with our blog but we can meet and speak with many clients. That’s a good way to show them our know-how.

  3. I would like to know the designer of the red wedding dress on the Red Weding Decor page of your site.

    Thank You,

    Amanda Dunn

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