Pantone wedding decoration ideas

Last month, when I visited a florist shop in Paris to have new wedding decoration ideas, I discovered original vases. They were really basic and illustrated with the pantone colors with the reference number. So, I look at a Pantone website and I found so many accesories that I decided to write this article about a pantone wedding decoration. Indeed, when you look at all the differents elements you can find with the Pantone identity, you’ll think about your wedding decoration differently.

As I told you, you can use Pantone vases to do your wedding decoration. They can be used as centerpiece and name of the tables ! Here are other ideas for your Pantone wedding decoration : you can buy Pantone chairs for instance, or use Pantone mugs as a table names. You can give a Pantone color to each table. Pantone accessories can also be good ideas for the wedding gifts to the guests !

As a matter of fact, you can find in the Pantone universe : pepper mills, bags, scarves …and you can even use the Pantone postcards for your wedding invitations ! As you can see, there are plently of possibilities with Pantone for your wedding decoration.

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