Pastel pink wedding

Pink is one of the most famous color for the wedding decoration. Here are some ideas for a pastel pink wedding decoration. We advise pastel pink because we believe this color is much more romantic and elegant than a flashy pink.  

In order to create a beautiful pastel pink wedding decoration, I would recommend to mix the pastel pink with pastel yellow color and some white elements. Roses are perfect flowers if you wish a pastel pink bouquet. Indeed the variance of the roses pigmentation can be mixed easily. A round bouquet will be better than a too modern one.  

Do not hesitate to use a light grey color for this pastel pink wedding decoration. The grey color will enhance the pink one ! All the decoration details must be very smooth and the food can be linked with the decoration. Why don’t you offer a sweet and sour meal ?  

Take also transparent accessories for your decoration like transparent candlesticks. That will draw your guests’attention to the pink elements !

We are at your disposal to speak about pink pastel wedding decoration ! 

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