Pop Art wedding

Imagine your pop art wedding ! Indeed, if you’re looking for a wedding decoration very different from others, if you consider your wedding as a colorful and happy party, a pop art wedding decoration can be perfect for you !

All the pop art spirit can be summarised in the chairs. Indeed, during this period of time, many new chairs appear and now it’s quite easy to rent them to create your pop art wedding decoration. I also suggest a wedding invitation made like a Andy Warhol’s portrait. Nowadays, there are many website that can customised the wedding invitations like this.    

For the wedding presents to guests, you can find vintage bags like the one below. There are perfect to go to the beach after the wedding !

You can also try to rent some colorful plates for your wedding decoration. Everything is possible with this wedding theme and if you need some ideas or advices, we would be pleased to help you to create your pop art wedding

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