Pure white wedding decoration

2 days ago I was asked to find ideas for a pure white wedding decoration. That’s true in this blog, we often present you ideas for wedding decoration but usually it’s a bout a mix of two colors. So today, we’ll try to be all in white for this wedding decoration. Of course, the first step is to define your wedding decoration regarding the venue where it takes place. I recommend white wedding decoration especially if the weding takes place in a hotel or a room that is not that romantic ! Pure white wedding decoration will make your guests focus on the tables and the flowers, not on the room itself.

Besides, pure white wedding decoration works very well too if you organise your wedding outside in the middle of the grass and the nature. It’s also a question of tastes. Many brides want only white for their wedding because this is the way they have imagined it for many years. I can really understand that but I will recommend to use different kind of flowers and accessories to give live to your pure white wedding decoration. Otherwise, that can be insipid !

So for your pure white wedding decoration, think about white roses of course but also orchids and hydrangea or lily. But do not put too many lily because many people are allergic to these flowers if there are too numerous. Use also petals, candles and white lanterns. Feather, butterfly can be pretty accessoiries to create your pure white wedding decoration.  Do not hesitate to use vases with different height to enliven the global view.     

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