Purple and white wedding ceremony in Saint Tropez

On June, we had the great opportunity to organise a wedding for a German couple. The ceremony took place in an hotel in Saint Tropez. The bride asked us to create a purple and white decor for this special moment.

Guests were coming from all over the world and were 120. We decided to keep all the chairs in white color and use white hydrangea for the arch. The purple fabric on the arch and in the aisle were the main elements of this decoration. As the wedding ceremony took place at 5.30 pm and the sun was very hot at Saint Tropez this day, we offered white and purple paper umbrellas and fans to the guests.

That was a very successful idea ! We also added some big and white parasols to protect the guests from the sun and the hot. Of course, we settled a bar with drinks for the guests when they arrived. White and purple hydrangea were also fixed on the chairs on each side of the purple aisle. The wedding ceremony decoration was exactly what the bride wanted and we were very pleased to see her happiness when she discovered it !

Last but not least, I want to share with you this lovely picture I did a few minutes before the start of this ceremony in Saint Tropez !

Eventually, if you’re interested in the wedding venue where we organise this ceremony in Saint Tropez, you can have a look at some pictures on weddings abroad experts.

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