Purple wedding accessories



Why not having purple wedding accessories on your big day?

Every shade of purple is a popular option for the colour scheme nowadays. Indeed, every shade of purple, from the lightest lavender to the deep shade of aubergine is brightening up all brides.




Rather than more traditional colors, purple shades give a nice touch to more traditional whites or creams. If you chose purple as your main colour, spice up the purple with dots of gold/ yellow colour to strengthen the power of the purples palette.

Why purple wedding accessories?





They are one of the few colours that can be both masculine and feminine at the same time.
Dark version of the colour can be assimilated into a fairy tale wedding theme at the same time as lighter shades harmonize red and pink in a valentine romantic theme. Moreover, purple can be used all year long, with the darker shades fitting well for Winter weddings whilst the lighter shades can be chosen for a Summer wedding.





Purple wedding accessories can be the flowers in a wedding…. As far as the flowers are concerned, purple color flowers stand for spirituality, wealth and royalty.



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