Rainbow wedding decoration

This wedding theme is rarely stylish. However here are some ideas to convince you that rainbow wedding decoration can be very stylish !

Of course finding and wearing the same rainbow dress is not the easiest thing to do. But there are other elements you can use to create a fashionable rainbow wedding decoration. One of them is obviously the wedding bouquet. Look at these roses ! They’re amazing, aren’t they ! Once in a wedding, your guests will really look at your wedding bouquet ! 

Wedding cakes can be also a good option to declinate your rainbow wedding decoration. But be careful, you have to design a very geometrical wedding and play with fruits or other. Indeed a rainbow wedding cake can be very stylish or on the reverse very ridiculous !

In any case, you can use the wedding bouquet and create rainbow wedding centerpieces with the same flowers. The colorful flowers will give a very beautiful look at every table.

Or the rainbow wedding decoration can be just done with some accessories like this umbrella for the wedding pictures.

Lighting is also a nice way to create a rainbow wedding decoration for the second part of the wedding. I mean when guests are willing to dance all the night !  As you can see the effect can be atonishing.

Last but not least the rainbow wedding decoration can above all be used to celebrate a gay union.

угревая сыпь на спине у мужчин

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