Red and yellow wedding decoration

While it’s cold outside and very white or grey, depending on where you live, here are some advices for a red and yellow wedding decoration to warm up your day and your feeling!  That decoration is far from the traditional way to imagine a wedding decoration but it’s so shinning. With such a decoration, all the guests must be happy and cheery.   

For a red and yellow wedding decoration, do not hesitate to use deep and shiny colors. There is no use to choose pastel colors when you selected red and yellow ! They really brighten every thing and everybody. So, apply red and yellow wherever you want : on the wedding invitation, on the flowers, even on the food ! Indeed a red wedding cake would surprise without a doubt your guests !! I don’t oblige you to wear a red or yellow wedding dress because it’s a very personal issue but have a look to this deep red one and think about it !

You can also look for original flowers like the yellow ones on the pictures. They look like golf balls ! So if the groom or the bride are fond of this sport, the red and yellow weding decoration seems relevant, don’t you think ?  

головная боль всд

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