Ribbons wedding decor for a wedding in Provence

Most of the time, my clients are foreigners, but exceptionnaly, this wedding was for a French couple, who live in Paris. But both of them were coming from Guadeloupe, so I suggested them to put colors in their wedding decor ! They fall in love with Provence and asked a part of their families in Guadeloupe to come for the wedding.

That’s why, we decided to work with ribbons. They have selected for their wedding a wonderful villa in Provence, with an amazing view on the Luberon. The villa is very modern and white, so we needed to add some colors and romantism to the place. Consequently ribbons were perfect to create a specific wedding atmosphere.

We started with the chairs where we set 1200 ribbons of very different colors. It took us 5 hours at 2 persons to make it. But the result was beautiful. As it was a bit windy, the ribbons were floating …it was romantic !

Ribbons were everywhere in this wedding in Provence. The ceremony took place at the church. The bridal bouquet was encircled with ribbons and the white baby breath bouquets on the aisle where also fixed to the chairs with ribbons. When guests arrived at the villa, the names of the tables were written on black slates. They were hanging thanks to ribbons.

This colorful wedding decoration was attenuated by the white and green hydrangea, the florist used for the centerpiece and the very white tent we set up to protect the guests from the wind and the dampness. Indeed, even if we were in Provence, it can be a bit chilly by night. Anyway, the guests danced until 4.30 am !

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