Romantic diner in Syracusa

Last week we organised a beautiful and romantic diner in Syracusa. It was not for a wedding as we also organise corporate events but I am sure that you will love the place. It is totally possible to do a wedding there. Indeed the architecture and the decoration of the place are just stunning. The transparent chairs contrast with the ancient paintings. The result is just perfect.

To impress a little bit more the guests, we asked a florist to do a very simple but romantic decoration for the diner with red roses. We display one red rose per plate and add some roses in the magnificient golden chandeliers. As the venue is localed in the center of Syracuse, the guests were just amazed to discover this place for their diner.

This romantic diner in Syracusa has been done for 110 guests which is a maximum. If you want to dance, you can also privatize the basement where you can find one single room. On the contrary, at the first floor, you will find several rooms where you can display between 3 and 4 tables each time.

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