Rural wedding picnic near Aix en Provence

Have you already think about a picnic for your wedding dinner? Some of you think that it is not representative of a real wedding, but it’s wrong. You can totally link wedding and picnic. Moreover, it’s really cheaper than a delicatessen while being really charming and good.

I would like to share with you some pictures of a wedding organized two weeks ago near Aix en Provence. The weds surprised their guests with a wedding ceremony in a hot-air balloon. The sight was absolutely amazing and so lovely, I hope you’ll see the ceremony’s pictures soon. After the ceremony, the reception took place in a beautiful house rented for the occasion.

The surprise continues with a rural picnic in house’s gardens. The result was really charming and lovely. As you can see on the pictures below, we used balloons light, blanket, tartan rug, pillows and ribbons on trees. These accessories gave to the place an enchanting atmosphere.

You can link picnic and quality, as you can see on the pictures, the food was presented on a buffet with the presentation that you can find with a delicatessen. The main advantage of a picnic are savings. Thanks to this organization, you can attribute a bigger part of your budget to something else. Moreover you can show to your guests your cooker talents !

Instead of home-made food or delicatessen you can also choose an original way to feed your guests with a food truck. It’s a nice manner to give a vintage atmosphere to your dinner without cooking. If you want more advices about this trend you can go to a previous post.

For a successful picnic don’t forget to think about lights like fairy lights or little garden lamp post.

To finish, for a rural atmosphere you can organize several wider basket with plates, knives and forks, glasses and towels for each blanket as you can see below.

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