Sky lanterns in France for your wedding decoration

Now, it’s totally possible to buy sky lanterns in France for your wedding. These Chinese paper lanterns can be bought in France easily and you can choose between a wide range of colors. They become harder to find if you’re looking for huge or giant ones.  

But the most important way is to know where you are allowed to use sky lanterns in France !  Indeed, the poetry of these lanterns can be turned into a great danger in some French areas. You have to know that the paper lanterns lift up thanks to some heat. The heat comes from form a small fire inside the lanterns. The lanterns disappear in the sky when the fire is over : the paper has burnt ! That’s the reason why sky lanterns in France can be dangerous in the south of France ! I draw your attention to the fact that the south of France suffers from fires every summer. So everybody has to be cautious with matchsicks, candles, cigarette and above all sky lanterns.

Another reason that prevent you to use sky lanterns in France is due to the airports. For instance in Nice, it’s compulsory to use sky lanterns ! So if you want to use them, please make sure that you’re allowed to use sky lanterns in France !  

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  1. Bonjour,

    J aimerais savoir ou puis-je trouver ces superbes lanternes, j aimerais mettre du romantisme a mon mariage…

    Merci d avance

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