Some original ideas for trendy wedding chairs!

Don’t they look nice, those trendy wedding chairs? They could save your wedding decoration. Imagine the scene: you designed your wedding decoration in the minor details, but an element comes as a blot on your copybook: the chairs those you rented out with the reception room are ugly! That could spoil all your efforts! Of course, you can deal with chairs decoration, but it’s complicated and very arduous to install. The matter is settled with those trendy wedding chairs: no need to decorate them, they’re already beautiful! Furthermore, they perfectly integrate the most of the wedding decorations. Original without being garish, you will inevitably find something that pleases you in our little selection of trendy wedding chairs!
(The prices we give you don’t include the carriage. ).


A romantic chair, that exists in black or translucent, ideal for an uncluttered and refined wedding decoration. It costs 72euros for the renting.


A charming little chair, that exists in purple or grey, to adjust to your wedding decoration. Ideal for an elegant and sophisticated wedding. It costs 12euros for the renting.


A modern wedding chair, that exists in red or translucent to adjust to your wedding decoration. Ideal for an original and coloured wedding decoration.

The only thing left for you is to choose the trendy wedding chairs that fits the best in the style of your wedding decoration!

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  1. Maybe you can help I have been searching everywhere for the whit chairs seen here on your website set up at that beautiful purple table .They almost look like spandex can you please help

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