Stars theme for your wedding decoration

If you’re looking for a modern but poetic wedding theme, this decoration based on stars can be a good inspiration for you. Of course, I advice brides who want to use stars for their wedding decoration, not to mix stars with other symbols. Otherwise, it can become too cutesy. On the contrary this wedding theme with stars is quite stylish and elegant. It’s perfect if you organise your wedding in a loft for instance, or more generally in a big city.

I am not sure the black and whites stars can match with a wedding venue like farm. But that decoration can also bring a touch of fashion in a very natural landscape. So why not ? If you’re trendy and you want to create a very not classical wedding decoration, the way to use stars (especially if they are black and white) is a very good theme.

I let you be inspired by this wedding theme and of course if you have any questions about stars for a wedding decoration, do not hesitate to contact me.

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