The most beautiful pink wedding I’ve ever seen !

Very often, brides and grooms want to make their wedding different from others.  But they feel puzzled regarding the best decoration for their wedding on the French Riviera or somewhere else ! So I decide to help all my readers by giving them some wedding decoration trends. The first point is to choose the main color of the wedding decoration. Once, you have decided which color you wish …I give you some ideas and wedding decoration trends. Let’s begin with a pink wedding ! 

Obviously first there is the wedding dress. When the wedding decoration is linked with the bride groom …that is perfect ! You don’t need to wear a pink wedding dress. You just need to add accessories like flowers or a specific hairstyle. When I organise a wedding on the French Riviera, I recommend that the groom has got also a colorful discreet accessory (tie or buttonhole for instance).

For the wedding ceremony, Events & Home consulting suggests to mix pink flowers with white, cream or light orange colors. White is for the romantic time, pink refers to love and orange gives light and cheerfulness. Instead of flowers, be inventive and choose stunning items like these pink sunshades !


In order to customize your wedding decoration, you should take care of the table decoration. Once again, I recommend to be inventive. Concerning some weddings on the French Riviera I organise, I suggest to mix pink with a stronger color for the dinner time. Black, dark blue or silver are evidently the best new wedding decoration trends according to me.

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  1. Hello. I love the really tall pedestals that you used for the church ceremony and would like to lnow where you purchased them. Thanks

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