The personalized wedding present made in yourself!


When it comes of choosing a present for a wedding or any particular occasion, we would love presenting a personalized wedding present for a unique occasion…a unique wedding.
It seems to us almost impossible to offer something exclusive. I just said almost impossible but…not impossible. Why not creating your personalized wedding present…designed by yourself?!


You can express your love, your affection with a personalized wedding present. Think about it, dream it, imagine it, draw it…and we found for you the ones who can help you make your dream come true! Your present could be a unique statute, a vase…anything.

When high-tech sublimates the aesthetics, the unusual takes life. Let’s redefine the codes of customized exception and push the limits of your imagination beyond recognition! Choice is luxury!

You are free to customize existing vases, tableware…according your taste or chose to create your own items from your drawings or 3D models. This would be a brilliant idea for a personalized wedding present or merely a special gift idea for your loved ones.




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