The « photo boudoir », the new trend !

This is a real new trend in the wedding photography, which is coming from USA : the photo boudoir. It’s a very private photo shooting with the bride. It’s generally done a few weeks before the wedding. The pictures will be a gift to the groom only !

Indeed, the photo boudoir is a very sexy photo session. So it’s not possible to do it just before the wedding, as it takes more or less 2 hours. The bride is supported by the photographer, the hairdresser and the make up artist. It’s also nice to have one very good friend to advise.

Indeed photo boudoir is not pornography. So if you’re interested in this photo session, you must clearly speak with the photogrpaher about what you want and what the limits are. Obviously, you need to feel at ease with the team around you.

Photo boudoir is the best way to feel like a star !

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