The set up of a wedding on the French Riviera (1/4)

As a wedding planner on the French Riviera, I have been working a lot this summer to organise wonderful and unique weddings on the French Riviera. In the following 4 posts, I’ll show you the set up of a wedding on the French Riviera.


To begin with, the bridal couple has decided to organise an outside wedding ceremony, which is not that easy in France. So the guests were not informed. The meeting point for this wedding on the French Riviera was in front of the chapel of the castle where the event took place.

But in front of the chapel, a gate was decorated with roses and ivy. When the gate opened, the guests discovered an amazing path with bicentenary plane trees. The decorating of this outside wedding ceremony was romantic with 200 white chairs for the guests and transparent chairs (designed by Starck) for the bridal couple and the priest.

Events & Home consulting also added two huge transparent vases (1,20m) with amazing red roses.The path was also covered with red roses petals when the bride arrived. Indeed, the objective for this outside wedding ceremony was to create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Thus, I suggested to my clients to work only on 2 colors for this wedding on the French Riviera : white and red.




When I speak with a bridal couple, I explained to them that a wedding is an event. To build this event, it’s important to think about it with a screenplay. I often choose to make the decorating of a wedding on the French Riviera or anywhere else evolving step by step. At Events & Home consulting, we begin with a sophisticated decoration and our goal is to surprise more and more guests during the wedding day.


Next days, I’ll write you the 3 other main points of this unique wedding on the French Riviera : the cocktail, the diner and the dance…to be continued !!

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  1. Why the chairs for the couple and priest is this standard in a French wedding? Is the ceremony catholic?

    I like the 3 level rose setup. How were the roses laid out before the bride came down the aisle. What did you use to cover the ground.

  2. Hello Reese

    The chairs are not a standard in French ceremonies. The bridal couple wanted to give a modern look for the ceremony. That’s why, I chose those chairs. They can be rented in France. It was a catholic ceremony.
    Roses were displayed on the ground before the bride came down the aisle, but the huge vases were on the stage from the beginning. We didn’t cover the whole floor, only the stage with white carpet.

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