The typical French wedding present for your guests

Most of my customers who want to get married on the French Riviera ask me about French customs about weddings. So I’ll present you one of these traditions : the French wedding present !

Indeed in France, many bridal couples offer at the end of the wedding, what we call in French : Dragées ! What are « dragées » ? It’s just about sugared almonds in a small basket. Usually the names of the bride and the grooms are written on the basket. This French wedding present is also used for the baptism.     

To be honest, I think this is a very old tradition and even French people are not so keen on dragées ! So, I suggest several other French wedding present. Indeed, if you want to get married on the French Riviera, you can offer to your guests some typical French products of the area, like small candies called « calisson d’aix ».

I would also recommend small bottles of olive oil,  lavender pots, violet marmalade as typical French wedding present

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