The wedding lubies

I read an interesting post on Forbes that dealt with the lubies of celebrities for their weddings. Oviously it was an economic viewpoint but it drew my attention to the importance of logistics in a wedding. When Madonna got married with Guy Ritchie, she spent $ 2,100,000. $ 293,000 were dedicated to champagne, $ 58,000 to flights and they needed $219,000 to rent the whole castle (and its 47 rooms). The celebrity wedding had a positive impact on the turism since then.

Catherine Zeta Jones was looking for a simply and intimate wedding party. She chose the Plaza in NYC (« down home ») and she spent $ 1,500,000 as the new Mrs Douglas. Her wedding lubies were clear : a choir of 40 members and only 20,000 creeam coloured roses. The latter wedding event had less flowers : Beyonce only ordered 50,000 white orchids for her wedding to Jay Z.

Cindy Crawford paid for moving 20 people to another hotel during 2 nights to ensure privacy for her wedding and her guests. John Kennedy Junior when he married Carolyn Bessette rent Cumberland Island. He also hire 50 members security team which coordinated with state troopers and the police the wedding. Bill Gates booked a 250 rooms hotels in Hawaï and all the helicopters to prevent photographers to hire them.

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