Think about customized wine labels for wedding decoration

Next week, we’re planning a wedding in the south of France and we’re using customized wine labels for the wedding decoration. I am not going to show you the wine labels for this wedding but I can show you other customized wine labels to explain to you what you can do with them for your wedding decoration.

For next week wedding, we’re going to use the customized wine labels to show the number of the tables. If you don’t want to give names to tables and only stay with numbers, this wedding decoration is a good way to make it nice finally. You can add on the customized wine labels the name of the bride and the groom.

Another idea to customize wine labels is to put a picture or a draw of the wedding couple, maybe with a small text to thank the guests or to explain to them why they have decided to do the wedding in this location, for instance. You can also put some humor in your wedding decoration with some fun and customized wine labels.

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