Think about sweet pea for your wedding decoration

Most of the brides love very much peonies or lavender. Unfortunately peonies are rare and the season is very short. You can find them in May until the middle of June. The lavender lasts until the beginning of July but not more. That’s why today, I would like to draw your attention to sweet pea for your wedding decoration.

Indeed, sweet pea can be found from May to October. Sweet peas have many different colors from light pink to dark purple, but you can also find some white sweet pea. As a matter of fact, sweet peas can be used in many different wedding decorations. They’re elegant and diaphanous. According to your tastes, the sweet pea can be used in a vintage / bucolic wedding decoration or in a much more sophisticated decor !

Have a look at all these wonderful floral arrangements with sweet peas and find more ideas about wedding decoration on Elizabeth Anne Designs.

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