Trash the dress in France !

What is « trash the dress » ? For the brides who don’t know, this is a new concept to enjoy one day again your wedding dress before trashing it. Indeed, during your wedding in France or somewhere else, you try to keep as perfect as possible your wedding dress until the very end. But usually, you don’t have any other opportunity to wear it again and anyway, the wedding dress is not that perfect at the end of the wedding.

So now the photographers suggest to the bride and sometimes to the groom to do pictures the day after the wedding or even a few days or weeks after, to organise a « trash the dress » shooting. This is a new trand that just arrived in France. And now, most of the prhotographers can organise a trash the dress shooting in France !

You’ll be the one you choose how far you want to go with the wedding dress. This is a good opportunity to do funny pictures or very artistic ones, far from the traditional pictures you must do during the wedding event itself. To organise the trash the dress shooting in France, you should speak before with the photographer as he or she can suggest original places. You’ll feel like a star one day more, so take you time to plan this shooting and to enjoy your « trash the dress in France« 

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