Trends for wedding decoration !

Following our previous posts dealing about the trends in fashion for 2010-2011, here is another suggestion for your wedding decoration, especially if it is going to happen between October 2010 and February 2011. The two colors woodbine and oyster gray are bound to be new trends for wedding decoration ! I am sure that you will appreciate the combination between the 2 colors !  

The woodbine color is a dark green, which is very classy especially if you use it with a light grey color. As you can see with the pictures here, the mix of colors create a an ancient and sophisticated scenery. It is very different from the flashy colors we are used to see for wedding decoration. That’s the reason why, I believe the 2 colors are going to be new trends for wedding decoration !   

There is also an oriental touch with the 2 colors that can be very interesting for your wedding decoration. You can add for the third color white or silver, depending on the atmosphere you want to create.    

Are you inspired by one of the new trends for wedding decoration ?

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