Use Toile de Jouy for your wedding decoration

If I suggest you to use Toile de Jouy for your wedding decoration, it’s because Toile de Jouy is a part of the French history and this fabric illustrates the art of French living and the elegance. So that can be a perfect theme for your wedding decoration. My advice is to use Toile de Jouy sparingly !

Indeed, the drawings of Toile de Jouy are numerous and complicated. Too much Toile de Jouy can make your guests suffocate ! On the contrary, if  Toile de Jouy is used by small touches, you can create a very original and classy wedding decoration ! This fabric was first manufactured at a factory located in Jouy-en-Josas, a city closed to Paris, during the late 18th century. It became very famous for decoration and represented the refinement of the French gentry and aristocracy. Drawing of their daily lives were done on this specific fabric (I am not sure you can find wedding scenes anyway!).

The main attribute of the Toile de Jouy is the white background. During decades, Toile de Jouy disappeared but since 2000, designers have created new elements with Toile de Jouy that you can use for your wedding decoration, such as wedding shoes with Toile de Jouy !

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