Warehouse wedding decor

Most of the times, bridal couples are looking for very charming wedding venues with huge gardens if the wedding takes place during Spring and Summer or beautiful interior decor for Autumn and Winter wedding. But will you consider a warehouse as a wedding venue ? I will prove you with these pictures below that there are many advantages to hold a wedding in a warehouse. Indeed, you have many opportunities to decorate it !

As you can see, in a warehouse you have a lot ore flexibility to set up your wedding decor. You can hang ceiling light or luminous guirland. You can stick panels or covers on the whole. You don’t have to worry about the wind and display as many candles as you want ! A wedding in a warehouse means freedom, if you compare to many venues’ restrictions !

You can also add grass or carpets to warm up the warehouse ! You can decide to create a very industrial wedding decor or on the contrary to set up a very glamourous atmosphere ! The hardest thing to do is …. to find the warehouse !! As a matter of fact, it has to be free of goods and if the wedding takes place in winter, you may need some heaters. Anyway, I believe it can be a great opportunity for warehouses’ owners to rent their place for a wedding reception !

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