Wedding candy bar decoration

This idea is successfull in every wedding we did : a wedding candy bar is the best idea to decorate and to create a nice atmosphere during a wedding easily. I really recommend you this idea for your wedding. Even if some friends of yours have already done it, you have so many possibilities to do a wedding candy bar !

Indeed, look at all the pictures here and you can see that a wedding candy bar can be done easily and the decoration can be very different from one candy bar to another one. First it depends where you wish to set the wedding candy bar : outside or inside. It’s better to do it at the end of the dinner. Otherwise your guests will eat all the candies before the main course !

If you wish to do the wedding candy bar outside, you can work on flashy colors. You can buy the candy boxes at Ikea or somewhere else. You can add colorful ribons or labels with the names of the candies. You can select one color fot your wedding candy bar and use candies in the same kind of colors. If your wedding candy bar is outside, I would recommend to use candles and additional spotlight to enhance the wedding candy bar. Love is sweet !

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