Wedding decoration : Hippie chic wedding !!

Have you ever thought about a very funny wedding decoration ? I believe hippie chic wedding is perfect to create a very customised wedding decoration with fun and style ! I am sure that your guests will appreciate the decoration. I selected on the web some pictures for you in order to give you some ideas about a hippie chic wedding. Enjoy ! 

If you’re interested in this wedding decoration, there are two different ways of doing it. You can select the very romantic and chic part of the hippie style. Or on the contrary you can prefer very colorful accessories and a lot of fun, especially for the wedding cake or the wedding car !! Sunflowers are also perfect for a hippie chic wedding. But my advice is not to put too many sunflowers !

If you want to do a very original and unforgettable wedding, that’s true this wedding decoration is wonderful ! By the way, you can also consider this hippie chic decoration for a birthday. Indeed, we’re currently planning a birthday with this kind of decoration.

So what do you think about a  hippie chic wedding decoration ? 

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