Wedding decoration : Moroccan inspiration

As the sun is back, even in Paris, I would like to share with you some nice pictures about wedding decoration. Today our inspiration will be Moroccan and I am sure that some brides will love this wedding theme.

First of all if you want to create a Moroccan wedding decoration, you must use a lot of candles and lanterns. This is essential. Regarding the colors, I advice you to use orange, purple or even green. The materials are also important. Think about silky fabric for instance.

Anyway, if you’re afraid of too many colors, you can also imagine a very white, brown and silver Moroccan wedding decoration. You must be inspired by the Arabian calligraphy for your wedding invitation, but also your wedding pannels or even some symbols on the wedding cake.

Doing a Moroccan wedding decoration is a travel. So don’t hesitate tio play with colors, fabrics and scents. If you wish to hae more information about these pictures, go to my pinterest (Claire Jollain)

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  1. Third, the decor of your wedding is where you can bring this extraordinary theme to life. Having pictures of Morocco hanging on the walls can be an amazing way to set the atmosphere at your reception. Using deep shapes of purple and gold as table linens would make your theme pop. Bold silver plates can also be a fantastic way to pull the Moroccan theme together. Also, a fun idea is to have sections in your wedding where there are floor pillows used instead of chairs. In Morocco this is very popular. Their restaurants use these areas with pillows instead of chairs to give it a more family atmosphere. This is where guests could sit, drink and relax and feel like they’re in the mist of the Moroccan dessert. A wonderful plan for the centerpieces is to use antique lanterns with many designs drawn on them. In addition to using beads on the table can also be a fun way to give your wedding a Moroccan appeal. Another colorful set up is to have different shades of deep Moroccan colors as chair covers.

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